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The Task Force for Global Health, with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is launching the first-ever Health Campaign Effectiveness Coalition. The Coalition will bring together country leaders, donors, multilateral organizations and NGOs from several large-scale health campaign domains, as well as specialists in health systems, ethics, and health economics. The Coalition will be the first partnership for cross-campaign action, promoting practices and fostering opportunities for shared resources. It will also develop guidelines and approaches so campaigns can improve collaboration with and strengthen the health systems of countries.

What is a Campaign?

A campaign is a coordinated set of activities that carefully targets resources to achieve a specific health goal. Campaigns are typically time-limited, geographically-targeted, and often focused on delivery of a single health intervention. Some campaigns target specific diseases like malaria or polio, while others prevent a variety of diseases through interventions such as childhood immunizations and the provision of Vitamin A.

The Challenge

Despite the success of health campaigns, several aspects of the current approach can limit their potential impact. Stand-alone campaigns often create an unintended burden on community health workers and are rarely integrated with the country’s routine health system. Many countries may not have the tools and resources to plan and implement campaigns in the most efficient manner appropriate to their local context. Up until now, there has been no established forum to promote promising practices across the many and varied types of health campaigns. As a result, innovations and practices developed and tested by one type of health campaign have not been systematically made known to other types of health campaigns.

Our Approach

The Health Campaign Effectiveness Coalition will work together to improve coordination and collaboration between health campaigns and routine health systems through three broad strategies.

This will be done by collaboratively developing an operational and implementation research agenda. Research is needed to assess the effectiveness of different interventions and approaches at the country level, document the evidence on what works, determine the applicability of these practices and interventions across various types of campaigns, and identify those that hold the greatest promise for strengthening health systems and maximizing the impact of health campaigns.

Identify, develop, and foster opportunities for shared campaign resources and infrastructure for planning, scheduling, and other common campaign functions, that might be used by multiple campaigns to increase collective impact and efficiency. Shared platforms provide transparency into campaigns and their performance allowing countries to more effectively identify target populations, evaluate opportunities for co-delivery or integration, and promote improved data collection and campaign monitoring approaches.

The Coalition will foster continuous learning and systems change especially through global policy alignment around campaign funding, incentives and support. This may include the adoption of principles to guide efforts to enhance cross-campaign coordination and campaign-routine health system collaboration.

Why Now?

The proliferation of disease-specific campaigns has not always resulted in the achievement of coverage targets, and the field is calling for a change in the status quo. Reaching global health goals will require better measurement, sharing of infrastructure, integrated approaches, and learning from best practices. The final steps towards ambitious disease eradication and elimination targets will require bold strategies to reach the most difficult-to-reach populations, and policies that support country capacity and ownership to sustain health gains.

Next Steps

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