Meet the Team

David Addiss, MD, MPH


David is a public health doctor whose meandering career has involved migrant health, mountain medicine, neglected tropical diseases, research, philanthropy, and global health. An opportunity to study public health at Johns Hopkins University rescued him from a decadent life as a climbing bum in Yosemite. 

“I am absolutely delighted to be working with such amazing people, breaking new ground, and navigating the rich, creative waters of compassion, ethics, and global health.”  

Ashley Graham, MJ, PhD Candidate

Senior Global Health Ethics & Compassion Fellow

Ashley is a medical anthropologist interested in ethics, global health policy, and infectious disease. She loves living in Atlanta, trying different foods around the world, writing, and doing anything outside.

“I met David at a conference on ethics in global health and three weeks later I started working with FACE. The program really is that special.”

Sedem Adiabu, MPH Candidate


Sedem is a Global Health student, studying Community Health and Development at Emory University. Her interest in Compassion and Ethics emerged from a desire to connect the interactions among public health practitioners and the needs of the community serviced. She enjoys enriching conversations and meeting new people. When she’s not in the library, you can find her creating African inspired accessories, traveling or cooking. 

“I believe the purpose of global health is concerned with relieving suffering and bringing joy; at that intersection lies compassion.”

Heather Buesseler

Heather is a global health and humanitarian professional committed to health equity and social justice for marginalized populations. A native Minnesotan, she is based Minneapolis and loves urban and wilderness adventuring with her 4-year-old daughter. She also holds an adjunct faculty position in St. Catherine’s University Global MPH program in St. Paul.

“The work of designing compassionate, values-based health care is truly where I want to dedicate the remainder of my career.”

Amy Richards, MPH Candidate


Amy is a socially and globally focused public health student, seeking to secure a voice and dignified standard of living for the least heard and visible communities via partnership they own. Forever curious and driven by care, you may find her asking questions like “who have we forgotten?”, “what assumptions are we making?”, and “have we adequately incorporated human context into this initiative?” 

“It is crucial we truly see the humans and communities we walk alongside as we support their potential, quality of life, and inherent value.”

Emma Horwath, MPH Candidate


Emma is a student studying Global Community Health and Development, and the Socio-contextual Determinants of Health at Emory University. Social justice and health equity are at the root of her interest in compassion and ethics and her motivation for entering the field of public health.  In her free time, Emma loves to read, play tennis hang out with friends and, pre-pandemic, travel.  

“Compassion which is the combination of empathy and the alleviation of suffering should be at the center of public health, and I’m so honored to be working with people who are innovating new ways to incorporate this value into the field of global health.”

Sophie Leruth, MPH Candidate


Sophie is a studying Health Policy & Management at Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health. Her passion for human rights has taken her around the world from Washington D.C. to Santiago, Chile and now to Atlanta, GA as an intern with FACE. She is passionate about exploring the concepts of compassion and ethics in humanitarian service in the context of global health. She enjoys exploring new cities and when it becomes safe to socially gather again, she looks forward to jamming on violin with other musicians in the Atlanta area, particularly in the genres of tango and jazz.

“I was thrilled to find that FACE has the courage to ask and fully explore the questions that have existed in my own mind and heart when it comes to how to respectfully assist and empower others in the realm of global health.”

Garang Buk Buk Piol, MDP, MPH Candidate


Garang is a Foege Fellow currently pursuing Master of Public Health in Global Health with concentration in Community Health Development at Emory University. He finds joy doing community services when he is not in school. 

“Since I joined FACE, I am becoming more aware of myself and what it takes to become a compassionate practitioner.”

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