Meet the Team

David Addiss, MD, MPH


David is a public health doctor whose meandering career has involved migrant health, mountain medicine, neglected tropical diseases, research, philanthropy, and global health. An opportunity to study public health at Johns Hopkins University rescued him from a decadent life as a climbing bum in Yosemite. 

“I am absolutely delighted to be working with such amazing people, breaking new ground, and navigating the rich, creative waters of compassion, ethics, and global health.”  

Ashley Graham, MJ, PhD Candidate

Senior Global Health Ethics & Compassion Fellow

Ashley is a medical anthropologist interested in ethics, global health policy, and infectious disease. She loves living in Atlanta, trying different foods around the world, writing, and doing anything outside.

“I met David at a conference on ethics in global health and three weeks later I started working with FACE. The program really is that special.”

Denise Sheriff, RN, BSN

Program Management Consultant

Denise has a background in clinical research and global health program management. She is a graduate of Emory University and worked at both the Emory School of Medicine and the CDC for the better part of her career.  Diversity within her family sparked curiosity around the topics of love, tolerance, and acceptance. Her interests expanded into compassion and ethics while working with LGBTQ, elderly, and global communities during her career. She enjoys mentoring young professionals who are embarking into the global health field. Her hobbies include hiking, salsa dancing, and volunteering as a patient advocate for the disadvantaged.

“I met David when he was in his Preventive Medicine Residency Program at CDC. When I found out that he was the Director of FACE, I was not surprised. Even back then, he possessed all the positive attributes of an outside the box thinker and global health practitioner. I am so excited to have the opportunity to contribute to the Focus Area of Compassion and Ethics program and work with global health leaders who collaborate with the Task Force.”

Sedem Adiabu, MPH Candidate

Student Intern

Sedem is a Global Health student, studying Community Health and Development at Emory University. Her interest in Compassion and Ethics emerged from a desire to connect the interactions among public health practitioners and the needs of the community serviced. She enjoys enriching conversations and meeting new people. When she’s not in the library, you can find her creating African inspired accessories, traveling or cooking. 

“I believe the purpose of global health is concerned with relieving suffering and bringing joy; at that intersection lies compassion.”

Caroline Baer, MPH Candidate

Student Intern

Caroline is an MPH student studying Global Health and Infectious Disease at Emory University. When she isn’t doing homework or working for FACE, Caroline can be found practicing hot yoga, biking, or binge-watching The Office.

“One of my favorite aspects of the global health approach is ethics. Many issues in global health are complex, and therefore require a complex ethical framework. I enjoy thinking about the nuances of helping others.”

Allan Ciciriello, MPH Candidate

International Trachoma Initiative Student Intern

Allan is a second year MPH student pursuing global health and tropical medicine through the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health online program. He is currently involved in a joint project between FACE and ITI at The Task Force focusing on MDA safety. Allan also works full time as the team lead of clinical research in Emory University’s benign hematology department. His hobbies include traveling, exploring new cultures, film, reading a good book, attending concerts, cooking, and hiking.

“I find global health an amazing field because it makes us realize from the most basic level that we are all human. No one deserves to suffer because of their status or place in this world.”

George Lopez, MPH Candidate

Student Intern

George is a second year MPH student studying Health Policy and Management at Emory University. He loves to cook Latin and Asian cuisine, organize events, and going to concerts.

“I believe the way to bridge the gap between research, policy and practice is compassion. It is exciting to learn the subtleties of key global health issues through the lens of ethical and analytical frameworks.”

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